Instead of showing you a number of before and after photos of dogs that I groom, I thought I would share a story with you regarding some of our dearest customers.

I have been grooming Airdales for the Rusco family since 2001 and was first introduced to Phoebe - a very tall, but ever so gentle, girl. Sadly, Phoebe passed away in 2009 and the family were so upset that they didn't think they could ever have another dog. As time went by, as a family that love dogs, the Ruscos found that the house felt so empty without Phoebe and they eventually got Freddie, another Airdale.

Freddie has a totally different temperament to Phoebe and the family quickly realised they had their hands full with him. As a result, they were worried about his first visit to us because they couldn't be sure that he would calm down for long enough to be groomed.

All fears were short-lived, however, as Freddie is a pleasure and a privilege to groom, and we quickly became firm friends. We will never forget Phoebe though, and her photo is displayed proudly in the salon and on this page.



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