At Ian's Pampered Pooches, I provide a complete service with no extra costs. In addition to grooming your dog's coat to your liking, the service also includes any of the following treatments, as required:

Nails cut
Ears checked
Anal glands expressed
Eyes cleaned
Pads checked and any knots/seeds taken out

This package is flexible, however, and if your dog only requires clipping of the nails, this treatment can be provided separately.

I pride myself on offering a one-to-one service, and your dog's individual requirements are of paramount importance to me. At every appointment, each of the above will be carried out, if required, without costing you a penny more.

However, considering the one-to-one nature of all appointments at Ian's Pampered Pooches, it is important to ensure that you drop off and collect your dog on time. This allows me to ensure that the appropriate amount of time can be allocated to the appointment, meaning that your dog enjoys a stress-free visit here.

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